Emily Diamand

Flood and Fire takes you into the continuing adventures of Lilly, Zeph, Lexy, PSAI and Cat. While the battle between the reavers and the English turns into a war, Lilly is desperately trying to get Lexy to safety in Greater Scotland and Zeph is fighting for the survival of his Family. PSAI is still the prize everyone is after, but when he finds out he isn’t the only computer left functioning, things only get more dangerous...


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“...moments of crystalline clarity and beautiful phraseology... impressive dystopian adventure.” Books For Keeps

“pure fun... the liveliness of Diamand’s satire will carry you along.” The Times

“an epic that will send you overboard for more.” Waterstones Quarterly Book Review

“full of unexpected twists and turns, which makes us think about what the future can hold.” Parents in Touch

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